22 April 2024 - Neil Camden, Solutions Architect at Principle Networks

Establishing Robust Cyber Security Practices

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is a topic that every business, regardless of its industry, should take seriously. While specific regulations like PCI/DSS for Retail, SOX for Finance, HIPAA for Healthcare, and GDPR for Legal provide clear guidelines for cybersecurity, many industries lack such governance. So, how do you establish robust cybersecurity practices and demonstrate your commitment to your stakeholders if there are no clear rules to follow? At Principle Networks, we're here to guide you through this critical journey of safeguarding your digital assets.


Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape

Our mission at Principle Networks is to advise organisations across various sectors on safeguarding themselves against both current and future cyber threats. This typically involves evolving or transforming network and security infrastructures to protect against known and unknown, internal and external threats. There's an array of technologies, platforms, and services available that can be integrated into a managed service to fortify your infrastructure and data.

The level of protection needed varies from one company to another, influenced by the industry in which they operate. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental features that should be part of every company's cybersecurity strategy. The specifics of these features and how to measure their effectiveness depend on the cybersecurity framework you choose to follow.


Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Framework

When it comes to cybersecurity frameworks, our recommendation is to primarily align with Cyber Essentials and the guidance provided by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which serves as the UK Government's technical authority for cyber threats. However, we also recognize the value of exploring global frameworks, especially for businesses with international operations.

Here are a few notable frameworks to consider:

- National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Offers comprehensive cybersecurity guidelines
- Center for Internet Security (CIS): Provides highly specific recommendations
ISO27001: An internationally recognized standard for information security management systems
- Cyber Essentials Plus: A practical approach to cybersecurity for small and medium-sized enterprises

These frameworks vary in their level of generality and prescriptiveness, making some more suitable for larger enterprises, while others cater to smaller businesses. Interestingly, there's often significant overlap among these frameworks. For instance, adhering to CIS recommendations can lead to substantial alignment with ISO27001.


Simplifying Compliance with Principle Networks

If your business is already guided by a specific framework, Principle Networks can assist in implementing solutions that adhere to the required controls. We can also help you achieve compliance by demonstrating the effectiveness of our solutions through testing and comprehensive documentation.

However, if you're starting from scratch or unsure where to begin, we've got you covered as well. Having no cybersecurity strategy is risky, so we recommend starting with Cyber Essentials. Principle Networks can walk you through the framework, detailing which aspects of your infrastructure it covers. We'll work with you to design and implement solutions that make your business Cyber Essentials compliant.


Conclusion: Protecting Your Digital Future

In today's interconnected world, neglecting cybersecurity is simply not an option. Demonstrating that you've assessed the risks to your business and implemented systems and policies to mitigate those risks is crucial. While it's impossible to protect your business from every emerging threat, showing that you've done everything realistically possible to reduce risk is a position of strength.

Starting with a framework like Cyber Essentials provides a solid foundation. With Principle Networks as your partner, you can navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence. Once you achieve Cyber Essentials certification, you can proudly showcase to your business, partners, and customers that you've implemented robust controls to safeguard their data and interests.

Remember, cybersecurity is not just about protecting your business; it's about securing your digital future. Don't wait until it's too late—take proactive steps today to safeguard your digital assets and build trust with your stakeholders.